Digital Workplace Leader portrait: skills, motivation, and salary

Who is a Digital Workplace leader

Digital Workplace leader — an employee who is responsible for Intranet and Digital Workplace development in the company being the advocate of users and work on internal clients’ requirements at the junction of several areas, most often — Internal Communications, HR, IT, Business Development, and Digital Transformation.

Digital Workplace leader market situation

70% of companies in Russia and CIS have an intranet or DW leader. In 40% of companies, he works full-time, in 27% part-time. Compared to 2019, the number of companies that do not have an intranet or DW leader has decreased by 15%. This is the first significant leap in demand for an intranet or DW leader in five years of our research. I believe it’s related to COVID-19 pandemic influence — the value of the DW leader has become more transparent.

Digital Workplace leader skills

The most in-demand Digital workplace leadership skills in 2020 are product and project management, ability to deal with IT and Information Security people, intranet products expertise, and strategic thinking.

What motivates Digital Workplace Leader

First, it is the ability to create value for all employees. 77% of the participants voted for it. In my opinion, this reflects well what type of personality feels best in this position. Intranet or DW leaders are genuinely interested in doing something meaningful, changing the company and the world around them for the better.

How much Digital Workplace leaders earn?

DW leaders with experience of one current project or with a location outside of Moscow earn up to $16,000 per year.



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Elena Bogdanova

Elena Bogdanova

Intranet consultant and managing director of Rivelty.Intranet. Leader of Russian Intranet community and keynote speaker at Russian and world conferences.