How we discouraged a client to develop a new intranet and achieved results in working with a content




Process. What did we do?

Audience research

  • how many employees work in HQ and regional branches, it turned out to be 75% and 25%;
  • how many have access to the intranet;
  • the ratio of managers and specialists;
  • categories and age of employees.

Audit of digital communication channels

  • We realized that there is no need to create a new IC tool either Facebook or anything else, there are already enough of them.
  • There is no digitalization inside the Division: employees get the most important information in personal communication. Information is transmitted top-down from managers to employees. With this scheme, some information is lost, and regional branches are the last to get the news. The content is out of order. Employees do not know where and what to read.
  • To solve the problem using this data, we created a system of working with content within the Division.

Development of digital internal communications channels

Preferable content formats

List of Themes

Fragment of the List of Themes

Content Plan

Fragment of Content Plan

Templates for typical types of content

Example of template for announcements




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Elena Bogdanova

Elena Bogdanova

Intranet consultant and managing director of Rivelty.Intranet. Leader of Russian Intranet community and keynote speaker at Russian and world conferences.