“Netflix” style for future internal communications

How can “Netflix” style inspire you to change corporate communications

From Jonas Bladt Hansen’s presentation, The Future of Internal Communication

5 key elements of corporate “Netflix”

1. Idea and scenario

2. Directing

3. Casting

4. High-quality production and post-production

5. Lack of company brand

The first example of a new сorporate video style

  • 90% saw themselves in one of the heroes;
  • 60% think it’s cool that they have own series;
  • 20% say this is a series about them, another 20% that this is a great example of ineffective employee communications.




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Elena Bogdanova

Elena Bogdanova


Intranet consultant and managing director of Rivelty.Intranet. Leader of Russian Intranet community and keynote speaker at Russian and world conferences.