RIawards 2022: expert intranet awards winners

Dinner for the finalists of the #RIawards 2022

RIawards 2022 jury

The jury of RIawards 2022 included 7 experts with 10+ years of experience and outstanding achievements in the industry: winners of international intranet awards, their founders, and jury members.

Jury members of the #RIawards 2022

Award prize

The winners of the RIawards receive recognition from international and local experts, invitations to conferences, publication of a case study in the Rivelty’s expert blog, as well as a unique award prize.

Award prize at the RIawards 2021 and 2022

Main nomination «Intranet of the Year»

The prize in the most important nomination of the Russian Intranet Awards goes to a project with the highest scores in all criteria and the largest number of jury votes in this nomination. It is a mature project recognized as the best in all areas of intranet development: the best concept, successful implementation, outstanding results, effective promotion, excellent teamwork, and inspiring leadership.

Screenshot of Gazprom Neft, RSD’s corporate portal

Nomination «Intranet Team of the Year»

The victory in the nomination is awarded to a team for the best collaboration, and well-coordinated teamwork in overcoming all difficulties from the beginning to the end of the project. The jury evaluates the clear distribution of roles in the team, unusual approaches to problem-solving, and high project results.

Screenshot of the personal page
Screenshot of FINAM’s intranet
Screenshot of personal account

Nomination «Intranet Leader of the Year»

The main prize in this category is awarded to the inspiring manager with excellent leadership skills, professionalism, expertise, and outstanding achievements in the industry. The calculation takes into account the results of the project and the number of votes from the jury.

Screenshot of X5 Group’s intranet, main page
Screenshot of Gazprombank intranet

Nomination “Essential Intranet”

Winners in this new nomination are awarded for the creation or renovation of an intranet that perfectly solves the basic tasks of an intranet (vertical communications, personal account, services, directories, applications, social functions, and others). Projects with the results, that are significant for the company’s business and employees, are highly appreciated by the jury.

Self-services page

Nomination “Intranet Promotion Campaign”

The prize in this category goes to the best promotion campaign of an intranet or its new services. The involvement of top managers, ambassadors, and informal leaders is important for victory in both online and offline campaigns. The jury evaluates unusual formats, unique ideas, and creative campaigns that increase intranet traffic.

Personal account and a list of communities

Nomination “Mobile Intranet”

“Mobile Intranet” is also the new nomination this year. Award goes to the projects that create digital comfort for production workers, frontline staff and mobile employees, and for the feature or service that helps solve business tasks.

Mobile app for NLMK employees
Main page, main menu and personal profile — mobile version



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Elena Bogdanova

Elena Bogdanova

Intranet consultant and managing director of Rivelty.Intranet. Leader of Russian Intranet community and keynote speaker at Russian and world conferences.