The State of Intranet in Russia 2021: based on 120 companies survey

Why about intranet

The top 3 most popular internal communications tools according to the research results include intranet (97%), newsletters (92%), and mobile apps (82%). Compared to last year, the intranet and newsletters have switched places. We are pleased to see that intranet has become the most popular communication channel. At the same time, if we compare the intranet with other internal communications channels in terms of efficiency, it is also one of the most effective — the average score is 4 out of 5.

Intranet tasks

The basic task of the intranet — corporate news sharing — is in the first place for all five years of research. Intranet solves this task in 90% of companies.

Intranet usage

According to the research, the share of companies where more than half of employees use the intranet every day is almost 40%. Over five years, the number of such companies increased by 15%.

Intranet pain points

Top-5 intranet pains:

  1. Not available on mobile devices.
  2. The intranet is outdated.
  3. Lack of business tools.
  4. Bad UX.
  5. Poor navigation.

Professional Intranet Awards

22% of companies have received professional intranet awards. Almost 10% won the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards, for example, M.Video-Eldorado, Avito, NLMK, Domodedovo Airport.

DW leader and the team

At the end of 2020, 70% of companies have an intranet and DW leader and content manager, 50% have a developer. In five years, designers are hired twice as often: 42% in 2020 versus 21% in 2016.

IT solutions

Most popular IT and Intranet products based on 2020 survey:

  1. Microsoft products — 71% (different versions of MS SharePoint — 50%, Office365 — 21%);
  2. Bitrix24 — 32%;
  3. Self-developed platforms — 27%. This is our key difference from international experience: the number of highly customized solutions and independent projects created in Russia is twice more.

Mobile intranet

43% of companies already have a mobile intranet, about 30% are planning to launch it, and 10% have it banned by Information Security. Compared to 2019, the share of companies with a mobile intranet increased by 14% — this is the largest increase per year in all five years of our surveys. Many companies where mobile intranet access hasn’t been approved by the Information Security department were able to resolve this issue very quickly during the pandemic.

Intranet costs

How much does an intranet cost? This is the question we hear often. We cover intranet costs in detail in our reports for the intranet leaders, vendors, and integrators. For each category, its aspects are important, so we comment on them individually.

Intranet development priorities

For the fifth year, the key priority of intranet development remains the improvement of usability and design. This is easy to explain: IT products are becoming more user-friendly, users are getting less patient. This applies to the products that we use in everyday life (mobile apps for ordering a taxi, food, watching a movie), and products within the company, for employees.

Digital Employee Experience

The concept of DEX offered by James Robertson — the global leader in the intranet and digital workplace community — gained popularity among companies worldwide.


47% of companies hire contractors for intranet development. 60% use only one contractor, buying all services as a turnkey. Unfortunately, clients often remain dissatisfied in such cases due to the contractor’s lack of all the necessary competencies. For example, 15% believe that their contractors are doing “so-so”, 41% believe that they are doing well, but there is room for improvement.

Intranet knowledge

Key sources of knowledge about the intranet and digital IC channels for people from Russia and the CIS:

  1. The Rivelty.Abatjour media (68% — 14% growth compared to 2019);
  2. “Intranet.Abatjour” community on Facebook (62% — 24% growth compared to 2019). This is a closed group for almost 400 intranet specialists and internal communicators from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan;
  3. Russian intranet conferences (57% — 12% less than in 2019). We recommend our Rivelty.Conf.

5 key findings from the survey

  1. The value of the intranet for top managers and users has become more transparent “thanks to” the pandemic.
  2. The success of the intranet is driven by the leader and supported by quality governance.
  3. Mobile intranet is now “new normal”.
  4. UX and quality content are always relevant.
  5. Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is the main trend of this year!


We surveyed 120 companies from 20 industries: retail, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, transport, media, oil and gas, and metallurgy. Sizes of companies varied from small ones with up to 1000 employees, medium — from 1000 to 5,000, large ones from 10,000 employees, and giants with more than 100 thousand employees. Most of the respondents are internal communications specialists (60%), fewer — HR (19%), IT (11%), as well as other divisions — marketing, corporate communications, strategists, business.



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Elena Bogdanova

Elena Bogdanova

Intranet consultant and managing director of Rivelty.Intranet. Leader of Russian Intranet community and keynote speaker at Russian and world conferences.